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The EuPN connects the different players in the wide field of Permaculture, from local to national association to projects to individuals.

Diversity is embedded in our systems and we value the marginal. 

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Permaculture in Europe sprouting everywhere

The EuPN aims to be one of the platforms that bring people towards permaculture.

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The EuPN likes to offer everyone into permaculture a comprehensive map of places.

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What would permaculture be without courses and events

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Today, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new members-only community forum.

Our new forum is designed to enrich your experience, offering a space where you can engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations, share insights, and connect with fellow members. We believe that this enhancement will significantly contribute to the quality of discussions and the overall value of our community interactions.

Projects & Places

Craponne, France

A project that includes a forest garden for a family of eight people, a shared community garden, a demonstration and training site for ethical agroecology practices.

Courses & Events

PermaPuheet/PermaTalks - Aranya - Deep Permaculture

Aranya will introduce some of the content from his forthcoming book 'Deep Permaculture - Revealing the Patterns and Systems Thinking Behind…