The PermaTalks, originally "PermaPuheet" (Finnish term for "permatalks,") is a permaculture online lecture series which runs in Finland since 2020 - every year in the beginning of the year - one lecture a week - usually every Thursday at 18:30 EET. 

Teachers introduce one topic of their choice and teach for 30 to 90 minutes. At the end of the sessions there is usually a Q&A. After the lecture and Q&A has finished there is an Open Space for about 30 minutes. 

You can brows all the teachers and lectures at and watch most of the lectures. 

PermaPuheet - the PermaTalks

General direction

In the beginning the PermaPuheet was designed as a way to get members for the Finnish Permaculture Association. Hence it was designed with people in mind who are new to permaculture. 

Over the years we more and more introduced topics from the edge of permaculture, making it more interesting for the teachers to participate. Instead of teaching people new to permaculture the teachers are teaching their colleagues and fellow teachers. 

It is still the ideal entry point into permaculture as there is no other series that gives a broad overview of what a permaculture world could look like. 

Co-creation with the EuPN

From 2024 on the PermaTalks will be held together with the EuPN. 

Since membership at the EuPN is for free the PermaTalks are thought as a fundraiser in order to pay for our digital infrastructure.