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Forest Gardening Masterclass

A repeat of last year's enormoulsly successful event, we will spend 3 days understanding how to work as nature, blending indigenous wisdom and ecological understanding with creative design. You will learn from the land itself, see inspiring case studies from around the world and be guided through a design process which can be applied to any piece of land. There will be time to answer specific questions and to connect with other forest garden enthusiasts. 

Course leader Tomas Remiarz is author of "Forest Gardening in Practice", the first comprehensive review of forest gardening. He has helped to design, create and maintain many forest gardens and taught forest garden courses throughout Europe. Henbant Permaculture is one of the leadign permaculture farms in the UK, running a range of micro-enterprises on 20 hectares in a beautiful setting at the edge of the Eryri/Snowdonia mountains in Wales. 

Forest garden group design exercise at Henbant Permaculture Farm

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