Type: Course
Course type: Spezialized courses

PEACE - Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence course

This module of the Cultural Emergence toolkit gives us the opportunity to deeply connect with ourselves, each other and the more than human world. It is an experiential journey to finding peace and empowerment within ourselves. 

This is an exciting opportunity to connect, relax, have fun and learn from with Looby Macnamara the author of Cultural Emergence on her land. She is joined by the amazing Leona Johnson who is bringing her deep embodied nature connection journey along with many songs. Come and enjoy fires under starry skies, deep and meaningful conversations, connection time with the more than human world and songs and laughter together. Find connection and purpose in your life with a nature quest.  We often wonder whether the PEACE experience is best described as a course, retreat, holiday, quest, gathering, summer camp - it can feel like all of these rolled into one delicious experience.

Connecting to the beautiful trees at Applewood

Applewood Permaculture Centre


I have been teaching permaculture for over 20 years. I am author of People & Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently,  Cultural Emergence and Strands of Infinity.

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