Category: Homestead
Country: Denmark

Kattekærhus LAND centre

Established in: 2014

Hello, my name is Cathrine and I have a passion for regenerating essential ecosystem functions. My place is a small homestead where I work with permaculture ethics and principles. I aim for about 50% self-sufficiency and have a forest garden, kitchen garden, chickens, water saving systems, compost and compost toilet. The house is renovated using organic building methods and has a rocket mass heater, clay plastered walls and recycled materials.

I teach permaculture life style, PDC's and organic building and mentor diploma apprentices in applied permaculture design. I often have volunteers to help and learn. 

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Kattekærstrædet 8, Bybjerg
4305 Orø

Kattekærstrædet 8, Bybjerg
4305 Orø
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Cathrine Dolleris

Use what you have and make hay while the sun shines.