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Country: Spain

La Casa Integral

Established in: 2020
Open days: Yes

La Casa Integral is a workers cooperative for Permaculture Designers and Regenerative Practitioners.

Our project has three branches:

1/ The Training Team (Regenerative Solutions for the Individual, online and in-person)

2/ The Design Studio (Regenerative Solutions for the Home / Family, online and on-site, up to 200km radius from our home)

3/ Our Suburban PermaHub / Demonstration Site (Regenerative Solutions shared with the Community of the Vallalta, Alt Maresme, Barcelona, Catalunya)

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Avinguda Andalusia 1212
08490 Tordera Barcelona

info [at]

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Avinguda Andalusia 1212
08490 Tordera
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Aline VaMo

My passion for permaculture started in 2011, when I got on a roller coaster of courses after learning about the concept at the Gaia Education's EDE Ecological Dimension on Mallorca.