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Country: Bulgaria

Vegetarium – Integral Eco Community Home

Established in: 2005

We are the community of Zhelen village – one of the first post-sovietic eco communities in Bulgaria.

Beginning in 2005 with the foundation of NGO “Trinoga association”, when Filip and Martin came back to their grandmother’s house in Zhelen, after inspiring 2 years experience in “Trois Salazes” community, on Reunion Island, Indian ocean, where they learned Permaculture with Ian Winkless from Ireland.

The main goal is to live healthy in nature, to practice regenerative agriculture, non-dogmatic spirituality and to exchange help with similar projects in Bulgaria and around the world.

This attracted other people to buy houses and lands in Zhelen and inspired others to live in the Bulgarian countryside.

Nowadays we are 15 homes/projects in Zhelen united by the idea of non-violence and eco agriculture.
Each project has its own land, income, principles. We do regular meetings to exchange and coordinate common projects like buildings, gardens, shared transport, exchange of services, animal care, events, celebrations.
Since 2015 Trinoga association adopted the integral approach life practice under the mentorship of M.D. Dimitar Pashkulev and called its center in Cherni kamik area: “Vegetarium project”. Nowadays we are living in Vegetarium – Integral Eco Community Home, and sharing life with guests, trainees, volunteers, and other friends. Doing gardens, regenerative landscaping, buildings, training, guest rooms, book writing, balanced, healthy and spiritual lifestyle practice.

The context of the area is severe – poor soil, dry land, cold winter, difficult access, harsh local people. The life here is beautiful and very satisfying, full of love, light, and joyful humility. 

We happily invite you to live and grow together in this wild area of the Balkan Mountains: enhancing biodiversity, social unity, and personal growth! Master and be the host of our place, discover other eco-projects in Bulgaria. Give a hand and share authentic lifestyles! 

During your stay we will be focused on: 
• Developing green skills: handling different tools, grow food sustainably, renovate and build a home, organise an eco-friendly household, balance between nature, local community, markets, and institutions. 
• Regenerative ecology and agriculture: ability of local creation of living environments that are sustainably productive under changing conditions. Facing climate change. 
• Self-improvement, family, and community life: healthy daily regime and habits, morning practices, regular sharing circle, healthy nutrition, teamwork. Helping local community and eco projects in Zhelen and Bulgaria. 

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