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Intro to Permaculture

This is a great place to start your permaculture journey! Drawing on the beautiful surroundings of Hawkwood and using an engaging and accessible range of learning techniques, you will gain a good understanding of the numerous benefits, and enormous potential, of Permaculture – described as providing “embarrassingly easy” solutions to complex problems. This certified course will explore ethics and principles and then move into taster sessions covering practical design, application, tools, and tips.

This course gives you the opportunity to engage with vitally important sustainability solutions amongst like-minded people in a supportive, beautiful space. Permaculture is relevant whether you have land, a garden, window boxes or just an open-mind and a love of nature-centered thinking.

This course is led by Emily Howgate and Shila Brown of Muck & Magic. Both are permaculture practitioners and attentive facilitators, with experience working in national conservation groups and local community organisations.

A real ‘essentials of permaculture’, this course is a great springboard to start putting permaculture in to action; to take your projects to the next level; and to be part of an international community of people committed to taking manageable steps towards protecting the planet and all living things who share it.

You will be learning in a small group, with everyone invited to share their own skills, experience and knowledge.

The course is a content-rich stand-alone training, and can also be a helpful foundation for people thinking of undertaking a full Permaculture Design Course.

What will be covered:

  • What is permaculture – principles and ethics: Making good choices in a difficult world.
  •  Design: Maximum yield for minimum cost and effort.
  •  Observation exercises: What is already working well for you?
  •  Practical exercises: Walks, group-work and solo reflection time.
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