Permaculture Design Course (PDC) 2024

EuPN assured course

Beyond Buckthorns’ Lumia and Dominik invite you to the 2024 PDC permaculture course at their homestead! About the PDC The PDC, permaculture design certificate course, is a 72 hour course that will cover all aspects of permaculture, giving you a wide understanding of what permaculture is and how to use it in your own life.  

Our Focus

While we touch different aspects to create a regenerative human settlement, our main context at Beyond Buckthorns is homesteading. Dominik is the leading expert in DIY biogas in Finland and currently the only available PDC teacher who has years of practical experience with the Finnish climate.

What you will learn

In 72 hours you learn about ethics, principles, design tools, soil, water, energy, social aspects and much more. Techniques and concepts like food forests, herb spirals and passive solar heating will be only few amongst many in your repertoire as a permaculture designer at the end of this course.

Course details

The 72 hours are split over 13 days. There is one free day in the middle of the course.

Place: Beyond Buckthorns, Kuisemantie 150, 36660 Laitikkala
Main Tutor: Dominik Jais
Co-Tutors: Lumia Huhdanpää-Jais, Dan McTiernan, Kalle Nikkanen, Anton Nordqvist
Price: 890,- € (you need bring your own tent)


PDC at Beyond Buckthorns.

Beyond Buckthorns


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